About Us

Gorgeous colourways that Call to be made into beautiful creations. The beauty of hand dyed yarns is second to none and when a colour way catches your eye, it is not just your mind but your heart and soul that is called and transported to a place of not only beauty but also love. That is the power of the Call of the Yarn and the creation of beautiful works of wearable art.

The inspiration behind the gorgeous colourways at Call of the Yarn is love. Love of yarn, the love of colour, the love of yarn dyeing and last but not least the love of beautiful designs come to life.

We hope that as you become a part of the Call of the Yarn family, your love will increase infinitely. A beautiful creation using one of our gorgeous colourways to create something for yourself or someone else that's based in love. A love for yourself and those amazing souls that fill your life.


Owner and dyer of the Call of the Yarn is me, the fabulous Samantha Pearce. I am based in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Where most of the time, beautiful warm weather abounds. 

I have an absolute love of crocheting, a skill taught to me by my grandma and started dying yarn when the colours I wanted were not available. As inevitable, I fell in love with the colourways that were created, mesmerised by the absolute beauty of colour. So decided to share this love with my fellow yarn lovers.   

One dirty secret I do have is...…. come closer..... I don't know how to knit. I know, I know. I become this multi handed alien when trying to knit and seem to have more fingers than I started with. Though, I know one day I will conquer this. 

Remember: You are valued, You are loved and You are Worth It. 

Samantha Pearce

Owner & Dyer @Call of the Yarn

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